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CPR Certification Class

As part of our community awareness program area residents were invited to take a CPR Certification Class that was held during the month of January at the firehouse. The class quickly filled to the maximum number of students we could allow and a waiting list was created. To handle the overflow of students from January a second class was held in February with a total of about 25 people getting certified. We had very positive feedback from the people that attended the classes and we plan to hold the certification class again next year.

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First Annual Holidays Wreath & Flower Sale

With the past successes of the firehouse's annual Easter flower sale, in early December we held our first (and now annual) Christmas Holidays wreath and flower sale. Some of the items available included Poinsettias in traditional red, white, and pink colors, wreaths of various sizes with and with decorations, hanging kissing balls, roping, and a few potted decorative flowers. We would like to thanks the area residents who stopped by for this fund drive event and we look forward to next years sale where we plan to expand our selection of items.

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Mutual Aid Stand-by

On Saturday at about 13:30 hours the New Fairfield Fire Dept. received multiple 911 calls reporting a structure fire at a residence on Lake Drive South, which is on the Candlewood Isle community. Water supply was an issue because there are no fire hydrants in the area and the water level of the lake has been lowered significantly for the winter. New Fairfield Car 1 requested initial mutual aid for tankers from Sherman and Putnam Lake Fire Departments. About 30 minutes into the incident Squad 7 from Danbury was requested for air supply at the scene. Approximately 20 minutes after that the King Street Volunteer Fire Company was called to stand-by at New FairfieldÕs Headquarters with an engine and a crew. Engine 14 responded with 4 personnel and covered New Fairfield for approximately two and a half hours. The Germantown Volunteer Fire Company (Engine 10) was also requested mutual aid to the fire scene and was put to work overhauling the residence. This fire was almost the exact situation that was trained for exactly one week earlier at the tanker shuttle drill.

Tanker Shuttle Drill

On Saturday morning at 0900 hours King Street Tanker 14 and a crew participated in a Tanker Shuttle Drill in New Fairfield. The drill was run by Captain Korol of New FairfieldÕs Company A. Tanker 14 was joined in the drill by tankers from Company A, Ball Pond, and Squantz Fire Companies. A drafting and tanker fill site was set up at the New Fairfield Town Park on Route 39, and a dumping site was set up in the parking lot of Squantz Pond State Park.

Live Burn Training

Today firefighters from Engine 14 joined with firefighters from Engine 10 for a live burn training exercise at the Springfield Fire School in Springfield Massachusetts. Firefighters spent a good part of the day practicing fire attack and suppression, search and rescue, and ventilation techniques. Firefighters from the two companies were broken into smaller teams of about four. Group one was the initial attack line and was assigned with extinguishment of the fire. Group two was the back up line and they were assigned with providing protection to the attack line and extinguishing any fire that may have flared up behind the attack line as they moved deeper into the structure. Group three was assigned as the search and rescue group and were responsible to search for and rescue victims on multiple floors. The fourth and last group was the ventilation group. They were required to ladder the building and then open the roof with hand or power tools. Each group rotated throughout the day. A lot was learned during this training evolution and a good time was had by all. We would like to thank the Springfield Fire Dept. for allowing us to use their magnificent, state of the art, Class-A, burn facility. We look forward to using it again in the near future.

Parade Winners

At this years Brewster Fire Department Parade and Carnival the King Street Volunteer Fire Company came out winners. The members attending the parade took home two trophies this year. One trophy was awarded for having the best brush truck. The second trophy was awarded to us for being the second best non-regulation unit from out of state. The King Street members marching in the parade were surprised but very happy to find out that they would be bringing home two trophies to add to the extensive collection of awards won at other parades and functions over the last 55 years. We hope next parade season will be just as rewarding.

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Mutual Aid To Brewster

At 11:04 hours the King Street Volunteers were dispatched for the tanker to respond to Lamothermic on Route 312 in Brewster, New York for a structure fire. Brewster fire crews had a working fire on the second floor of a manufacturing building. Tanker 14 under the direction of Lieutenant Peltz was quick to respond on the call. This response was a haul for King Street being more than 10 miles away from the station. The Tanker made it to the intersection of Route 22 and Route 312 before being returned to service by BrewsterÕs Fire Command. This is the first time in a very long time that King Street Volunteers have been called mutual aid to Brewster. As always we were very glad to help them out with any assistance we could provide.

Stand-By for Hillside Ave. Fire

At 18:37 hours general tones were hit for a reported structure fire on Hillside Avenue in the Germantown Volunteer Fire Dept.Õs (Engine 10) district. First arriving units went on scene with heavy fire involvement to a single family residence and reports of an explosion. Due to the explosion and intense radiant heat units operating on the scene had to contend with multiple brush fires that started and a boat house in the back yard that was fully involved. Due to the many units operating on this fire all volunteer fire companies in the city were put on stand-by including King Street. The house that was on fire was located on a steep water front piece of property where water supply could have posed a major issue. King Street maintained a crew for the engine and tanker through the duration of the incident but the tanker was never called to provide water supply.

Easter Flower Sale

The membership of the King Street Volunteer Fire Company would like to thank everyone that came out and supported our annual Easter Flower Sale this year. As always we had a great selection of magnificent looking flowers from tulips, hydrangeas, hyacinths and mums just to name a few. Thanks to everyoneÕs support we had another great year. We look forward to good weather and another great Easter Flower Sale next year.

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Engine 14 Helps Our Brothers in New Fairfield

While firefighters were hanging around the firehouse waiting for the monthly meeting to start headquarters hit the tones and requested that an officer from King Street contact headquarters. Assistant Chief DeJoseph phoned dispatch and was told that a crew was needed for the engine to respond mutual aid to New Fairfield to cover their headquarters (Company A) while they were operating at a structure fire. While the crew was gearing up to respond headquarters called back and stated that the tanker was also requested to respond to New Fairfield. The engine and tanker responded with seven personnel and covered Company A for several hours until the fire was under control and units from New Fairfield were able to return to service. Although our personnel and apparatus were not needed at the fire scene, and we didnÕt respond to any other emergencies in the town we were glad to be helping out our brothers from New Fairfield.

Note: Danbury Squad 7 (Waterwitch Hose Co.) responded to the scene to refill air bottles.

More Bad Weather = More Calls

One month after pouring rains and vicious winds pounded the area mother nature was back at it again. As the winds picked up around noon the volunteers at King Street and across the city were placed on stand-by. During their time on stand-by the volunteer crew responded to two calls for trees and wires down and one call for an automatic fire alarm.

King Street Volunteers Get a New Septic System

June 2005
All this week the crews from Pembroke Pumping Services were hard at work installing a new septic system at the King Street Volunteer Fire Dept. This new and larger septic system is a welcome change, replacing a system that was probably 25 years old if not older. This new septic system is also the first of several phases in a plan by the fire company to renovate and expand Engine 25’s (Career Engine) side of the building, and even possibly the Engine 14 side. We apologize to local residents who had to put up with the noise of construction but we hope they understand that this will only help us to better server the public in our first due area.

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Station Clean Up "Tons" of Fun

On April 16th members of the firehouse performed a long overdue station clean up. The crew worked from approximately 8am to 4pm removing old furniture, outdated or broken equipment, and other useless items to name a few things. At the end of the hard worked day the effort was evident in a cleaner and more spacious firehouse and a 30 yard dumpster filled to the top.

Easter Flower Sale

March 24th-27th
Thank you to all the members of the King Street Volunteer Fire Department that helped out with this years Easter Flower Sale. The early date of Easter, cold weather, and a late March snowfall did not keep the public from coming out to support the King Street Volunteer Fire Department with their purchases from a large selection of beautiful Easter flowers. Thank You to all who came out and helped us to meet our Easter Flower Sale Goal.

Firefighters Attend Ice Rescue Training

On Saturday February 19th members of the King Street Volunteer Fire Department attended and Ice Rescue Training Course hosted by the Morris Volunteer Fire Department. The class was taught by instructor Jerry Reichert from Dive Rescue International of Colorado. The class was 8 hours in length, half of which was classroom and the other half was spent out on the ice for practical evolutions. Topics included proper weight distribution, proper rescue techniques, the "reach, throw, row, go" tactic, ice strength and hazards, and spotting hypothermia among other topics. The course was very informative, hands on, and professionally instructed. Each attendee received a certification in ice rescue. Assistant Chief DeJoseph, Lieutenant Peltz, and Firefighters Mullin and Allen-Turner attended the course.

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