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Updated on February 6, 2012

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2002 Ford F-550

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Building Fire on Abbott Street

In the evening hours the alarm was struck for a reported building fire on either Abbott Street or Abbott Avenue. Since the two locations are not that far apart units checked the Abbott Avenue location first and found nothing, when arriving at the Abbott Street location firefighters encountered a two story commercial structure with an attached multistory residence. Fire was showing from the second floor of the commercial structure. Due to the size of the structure and the volume of fire present numerous volunteer fire companies were called to the scene. King Street was placed on stand-by at their station and would provide emergency coverage to the district and the rest of the city if any emergencies came in. Of the 12 volunteer fire companies in the city 7 responded to the fire. Although we were staffed and ready to go, King Street was the only company in the city that did not get dispatched to any additional calls while this fire was going on.

Tanker On Great Plain Rd. Fire

At 15:15 hours city volunteer and career fire departments were dispatched to 252 Great Plain for a house fire in the Wanarest Lake Community. Units arrived on the scene with a single family residence with fire showing from the "C" side. This residence is located in a non-hydrated area in the Northeast section of the City. The closest hydrant to the scene was two miles away. Due to the need for water supply at the scene Tanker 14 was dispatched along with Tankers 12 (Mill Plain) and 13 (Miry Brook). Tanker 14 responded on the call and was three quarters of the way there when the fire was declared under control and they were told to return and stand-by at the station. Volunteers maintained a crew for the tanker at the station until all units were released from the fire scene.

Fire Showing On Saddle Rock Road

At 08:35 hours the volunteers from King Street and other city fire department apparatus were dispatched to 27 Saddle Rock Road for a reported structure fire. Paid Engine 25 was first arriving at the scene and reported they had a two story residence with heavy smoke and fire showing from an upstairs window at the A/B corner of the home. The crew from Engine 25 pulled into the driveway and stretched the 1-3/4 inch line to the second floor to attack the fire, at the same time Tanker 14 under the direction of Assistant Chief DeJoseph took position at the top of the driveway behind Truck 1. From this position a 3 inch supply line was laid down the driveway to Engine 25 and water was pumped from Tanker 14. Almost all of the 2400 gallons of water carried on Tanker 14 was used during fire suppression and overhaul operations during this incident. The crew from King Street assisted in some minor overhaul on the fire floor and returned to service after a few hours on scene. The fire appeared to have started by a malfunctioning light in a closet of the upstairs bedroom.

Initial Dispatch: Car 30, E-25, E-21, E-22, Truck 1, Tanker 14 (King Street), Squad 6 (Citizens Hose Co.)

Working Fire Dispatch: Car 51 (Safety Officer), Medic 1, A-1

60 Mph Gusts/Heavy Rain Bring Calls

Over the last 36 hours the King Street Volunteer Fire Dept has responded to 6 emergency calls related to the stormy weather. Heavy rain and wind gusts of close to 60 mph downed power lines, trees, and flooded basements not only in the King Street District but throughout the city. King Street Volunteers responded to a storm cover assignment, 2 reports of trees and wires down, and 3 flooded basements.

Fully Involved Car Fire

At approximately 16:10 hours Danbury Fire Communications dispatched a full response to 11 King Street for the possible structure fire. Communications advised responding units that the neighbor across the street could see flames but was unsure as to there location. A short time later communications added an extra career engine company to the call and advised responding units that an additional call reported the fire was growing rapidly. With a large smoke column visible E-25 arrived on scene to find a vehicle fully involved about halfway up the driveway. Car 30 was advised and the units from 14 and 25 were held on the call. Tanker-14 arrived shortly after E-25 and began setting up a water supply for. The crew from 14 hand stretched 150 feet of 3 inch hose down the icy driveway and began feeding E-25. The tanker supplied E-25 with approximately 1000 gallons of water during the operation. The crew from 14 returned to service after about an hour.

Mini Blizzard Brings Two Calls

As night fell and temperatures dropped a driving rain quickly changed over to sleet and then snow. The wind picked up and became a menacing force as 40-50 mph winds blew snow and created zero visibility. During the storm the King Street Volunteers were dispatched to respond to two structure fires. The first was reported at about 22:40 on Killian Drive but units found nothing and were returned to service. The second fire call came in about 23:00 hours. Units were dispatched to 245 Franklin St. Ext. for a structure fire. Apparently the strong winds brought power lines down at the residence and arcing started a small fire where the service wires enter the house. CL&P cut the power and the small fire was quickly extinguished. Units from 14 returned to service after about 20 minutes on scene.

Main Street Building Burns, 14 Covers

On Monday January 2nd the King Street Volunteer Fire Dept. was dispatched to cover the firehouse and the district while multiple city fire companies were operating at a fire inside the 115 year old multi story brick building at 111 Main Street. The crew from Engine Co. 14 responded to one call while on stand-by. The call was for an automatic alarm at a residence on Centennial Drive. It appeared as though no one was home and entry was forced to gain access. A slight odor was present, most likely from a problem with the oil burner, but no other cause for the alarm was found. Units returned to service a short time later.

Vols On Stand-By for Boughton St. Ripper

On Thursday November 3rd Engine Co. 14 and other volunteer units in the city were put on stand-by as downtown fire companies battled heavy fire conditions in a multi family home on Boughton Street. Multiple fire companies operated at the scene for several hours. Volunteer Engine Co. 3 (Padanaram Hose Co.) also provided coverage at King Streets Firehouse. Engine Co. 14 was not dispatched to any calls during the stand-by period.

Pool Truck Fire

At approximately 13:23 hours Tuesday, the King Street Volunteer Fire Department was alerted to respond to Pembroke Road (Rte 37) in the area of Pembroke School for a vehicle fire. Initial reports from communications reported it to be a tractor trailer on fire with unknown contents, then possibly a tanker truck with unknown contents, then an oil tanker, and then finally confirmation that it was a pool truck on fire. With a large column of smoke visible for some distance responding units knew they had a working fire. This was confirmed by the first arriving engine who reported the cab of the truck fully involved with exposure to power lines and a residence. Asst. Chief 14 (DeJoseph) arrived with the tanker and picked up Engine 25's 3 inch line and supplied them with water. With the threat of live wires falling the decision was made to protect the residence from fire exposure until CL&P could arrive and cut the power. Once the power was cut crews made a quick attack and knockdown of the truck and resulting grass fires. During the operation Tanker 14 was refilled several times by two other pool trucks that had been in a convoy with the other. Tanker 14 cleared the scene several hours later.

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King Street Double Pulls to Reported Structure Fire With Explosions

At 23:23 hours communications hit the tones for a reported structure fire with explosions at number 11 Society Hill Road. King Street responded to the call with the engine, tanker and four personnel. Expecting the worst, first arriving units were surprised to find nothing showing on arrival from the two story residence. Engine 25 advanced an 13/4 attack line into the residence as the crew from 14 began establishing the water supply. Engine 25ís crew located a small fire in the basement of the home and quickly extinguished it. Units were held on the scene for about an hour. No one was injured in the fire but the house sustained moderate smoke damage.

Clapboard Ridge House Off

Around 10:40 hours the fire department was dispatched to 7 Clapboard Ridge Rd for a confirmed structure fire. On arrival the units found a two story wood frame residence with a large amount of fire already through the roof. The family who was reportedly asleep at the time of the fire were all able to make it out safely. Fire units stretched lines into the home and up to the attic to knock the bulk of the fire. Truck-1 set up master stream operations and was able to knock pockets of fire in the attic and roof not accessible by the interior team. Tanker 14 supplied approximately 2400 gallons of water to Engine 25 and Truck 1. The crew from 14 then proceeded to the attic area to assist with overhaul. While the attic was a total loss the second floor sustained some fire damage but mostly smoke and water damage. Due to the high heat and humidity of the day extra manpower was summoned to the scene.

Initial Dispatch: C-30, E-22, E-23, E-25, Truck-1, Squad-6, Tanker-14

Work Fire Dispatch: A-1, Medic-1, Car 51 (Safety)

Special Call Tankers: Tanker-11

Special Call Manpower: E-24, E-8, E-9

Additional Units Onscene: C-1, C-55

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Crews Extinguish Box Truck Fire

At 22:45 hours Engines 14 and 25 were dispatched to Pembroke Road for a report of a vehicle fire. Engine 25 was first arriving and found an older model box truck heavily involved with fire. Tanker 14 arrived shortly after and picked up Engine 25ís 3 inch supply line and fed them almost all of the 2400 gallons on board. Both crews did a great job of knocking the fire down and overhauling. The box truck was a total loss.

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Brush-14 Goes Mutual Aid

At approximately 14:30 hours King Street was dispatched mutual aid to Bigelow Rd in New Fairfield for a large brush fire. Brush 14 responded on the call and was initially directed to the staging area at the town dump on Bigelow Rd. After Chief 14 conferred with the Bigelow Road Command, Brush 14 and Brush 12 (Mill Plain) were redirected to Douglas Lane to attack the fire from the opposite side and to protect houses possibly in the path of the fire. The crew from 14 did extensive work on the fireground and was one of the last units to clear. Mutual aid from the Brewster (NY), and Putnam Lake (NY) fire departments and the Connecticut DEP were also called in to assist with the fire.

King Street Responds on First Due House Fire

At approximately 1400 hours on Monday January 31st the tones were hit for a report of a structure fire at 45 Middle River Rd. Smoke from the fire could be seen upon leaving the firehouse. Engine 25 arrived first on the scene and reported a large two story residence fully involved burning end to end. While still enroute Car 30 requested a fourth engine company and all city tankers to the scene due to lack of hydrants in the area. Tanker 14 arrived on scene and stretched a 3 inch supply line, quickly draining the tank. Tanker 14 then proceeded to the closest known hydrant at the time, at King Street School, to refill. Tanker 14 hit the hydrant, refilled, and left the hydrant made for other tankers starting a tanker shuttle to the scene (Engine 8 responded to man the hydrant). Mutual Aid tankers from nearby towns also responded. While firefighters did an outstanding job of protecting the exposure (a two story, 3 bay garage) they could not save the house. The homeowner was injured after jumping from a second story after trying to save his pets. Approximately 40 firefighters manning 5 engines, 8 tankers, 1 ladder, and 1 squad operated at the scene. The last units cleared the fire ground at approximately 2100 hours.

Initial Dispatch: Car 30, E-25, E-21, E-22, Truck 1, Volunteer E-4 (Independent), Squad 6 (Citizens), Tanker-14 (King Street)

Working Fire Dispatch: Car 51, E-23, E-8 (Phoenix Hose), Tankers 10 (Germantown), 11 (Beaver Brook), 12 (Mill Plain), and 13 (Miry Brook), A-1, A-2, Medic 1

Mutual Aid Tankers: New Fairfield Fire Dept., Ball Pond Fire Dept., Ridgefield Fire Dept.

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Engine and Tanker Run First Due Fire

On Monday October 18th 2004, the King Street Volunteer Fire Company along with other City companies was dispatched to 7 Saddle Rock Rd for a reported structure fire. Engine 25 arrived first on the scene and reported a one story residential structure with moderate fire showing from sides "A and B". Tanker 14 arrived seconds after and laid a 3 inch supply line down the driveway to E-25. The crew from 14 then found the resident of the house sitting in the neighbors front lawn with minor burns and heavy smoke inhalation. Engine 14-2 arrived on scene and assumed patient care by administering oxygen until the arrival of EMS. Engine 14-2 also aided water supply by shuttling 3 times to a fire hydrant half a mile away. After the fire was extinguished the crew from Engine 14 assisted with overhaul in the attic sector.

Initial Dispatch: Car 30, E-25, E-21, Truck 2, Volunteer Companies 4 (Independent), 6 (Citizens) and 14 (King Street)

Working Fire Dispatch: Car 51, A-1, A-2, Medic 1, E-22

Engine and Tanker Run First Due Fire

On Thursday at approximately 10 a.m. the Danbury Fire Department was alerted to a report of a structure fire at the M&M Precast Concrete Building on Padanaram Road. Captain DeJoseph of Engine 14 was in the plaza next door at the time of the dispatch and arrived first on the scene. He contacted fire headquarters to confirm a working fire and assisted employees with their evacuation of the building. Car 30 and Engine 23 arrived and immediately laid a line from the hydrant and requested additional resources. Captain 14 was assigned as Chiefís Aide for the duration of the incident. Extinguishment efforts were slightly hindered by a downed power line and exploding Oxy-Acetylene tanks and 55 gallon waste oil drums inside of the building. Thick smoke from the fire could be seen from several miles away. The fire was completely under control by approximately 14:00 hours. Engine 14 and several other volunteer companies covered their stations during the incident.

Initial Dispatch: Car 30, E-23, E-22, Truck 2, Vol E-3 (Padanaram), E-10 (Germantown), Squad 7 (Water Witch)

Working Fire Dispatch: E-21, Car 51, A-1, Medic-1

Special Alarm: E-25, Vol. E-9 (Beckerle), E-11 (Beaver Brook)

Additional Units: Cars 1, 2, 46, 47, 55, EMS Coordinator

Bear Mountain Road Fire

On Wednesday August 11, 2004 the King Street Volunteer Fire Department (14) along with other units from the Danbury Fire Department were dispatched to a report of a structure fire at an unoccupied residence on Bear Mountain Road. Initial reports from dispatch reported smoke coming from the roof of the structure. Tanker 14 and Engine 14 both responded on the call with a total of 4 personnel. Car 30 arrived on scene and reported a working fire with smoke pushing from the eaves and fire venting from a rear window. Due to the lack of hydrants in this area he requested additional water supply. Tankers 14 and 10 arrived shortly after the career engines and quickly began supplying water to Engine 22. Ladder 10 hit the hydrant at Route 37 and Bear Mountain Rd over a mile away and laid out supply lines to refill tankers for a potential tanker shuttle operation. The crew from Engine 14 packed up and went to side A of the residence to await an assignment. The crew from 14 assisted in setting up positive pressure ventilation, was then assigned to assist EMS set up rehab, and lastly assigned to assist the safety officer with P.A.T. Tags and accountability. The fire was knocked quickly by the crews from Engines 23 and 25, who faced extreme heat in the extinguishment. Company 14 was held on scene for just over 3 hours. The cause of the fire was originally thought to be a lightning strike from severe thunderstorms that came through the area, but was later believed to be a faulty gas stove. The residence was brand new and had just received its C.O. the day before.

Initial Dispatch: Car 30, Engines 22, 23, 25 (career), Truck 2 (career) Volunteer Companies 14 (Tanker, Engine), 10 (Tanker, Ladder, Rescue), and 6 (Squad) Medic 1, A-1, Danbury Police Dept.

Special Alarm: Tankers 11(vol) , 12 (vol) and Engine 21 (career) Danbury Fire Police, New Fairfield Fire Police

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Engine 14 Operates for Several Hours at Pump-Out Caused by Water Main Break

At approximately 08:30 hours on February 4th, 2004 general tones were sounded for any volunteer fire company with portable pumps to respond to the Pershing Building at 192 Main Street for a pump out. Engine Company14 (King Street Volunteer Fire Department) called into dispatch and reported that they had a crew of two personnel and would be enroute to Main Street. Upon arrival at the scene Engine Companies 9 (Beckerle Volunteer Fire Department) and 3 (Padanaram Volunteer Hose Company) already had two portable pumps deployed and were removing anywhere from four to six feet of water from the basement of the 100' x 120' building. Engine Company 14 went to work and deployed two large portable pumps, one on Side A (Main St.) and the other on Side B (West St.). Even with four pumps from the volunteer companies, and one from the Danbury Water Department in operation it took about four hours to bring the water level under 5 inches. All fire department personnel were evacuated from the basement for a short period when carbon monoxide detectors found extremely high levels of carbon monoxide. Two large ventilation fans were place inside the building and quickly brought down the carbon monoxide levels. Engine 14 went in service at approximately 1300 hours. The apparent cause of the flooded basement was a broken feeder pipe from a water main that ran into the building.

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